Time in USA

What time is it? exact time is :

Sunday 14 April 2024, week 16 (UTC -4)

The difference between GTM and UTC

Essentially, although the two are often used interchangeably, UTC is considered a more precise standard and has become the international standard for measuring time, gradually replacing GMT in many official contexts.

GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

GMT was initially based on Greenwich Mean Time at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, United Kingdom. It has been widely used as a reference for defining time zones around the world. However, GMT became more informal and was officially replaced by UTC.

UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)

UTC, on the other hand, is a more precise time scale. It is based on atomic clocks and is adjusted according to International Atomic Time (IAT) to maintain precise synchronization with the rotation of the Earth. Unlike GMT, which is based on the Earth's rotation, UTC is more stable and precise, adjusted regularly to compensate for variations in the Earth's rotation.

World Time

New York 20:22:23 (14/04)
Los Angeles 23:22:23 (14/04)
Mexico 21:22:23 (14/04)
Sao Paulo 00:22:23 (15/04)
London 04:22:23 (15/04)
Sydney 13:22:23 (15/04)
Tokyo 12:22:23 (15/04)
Mumbai 08:52:23 (15/04)
Berlin 05:22:23 (15/04)
Frankfurt 05:22:23 (15/04)
Madrid 05:22:23 (15/04)
Rome 05:22:23 (15/04)
Shanghai 05:22:23 (15/04)
Paris 11:22:23 (15/04)

Time in big cities